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Developer's Hub

A Bungoma based CBO in the heart of the City, but with arms reaching far and wide!

Who are We?

It is a non-partisan, a non-political, voluntary CBO group of members interested in pulling together resources for the purposes of empowering communities and uniting members to work as a team. This is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that will mobilize community members towards charity events. Community members will be sensitized on the need to channel their energy on areas that will sustainably ensure education and quality health.

Our Vision

Leading CBO that promotes prosperity of members through mentorship and improving the living standards of the members.

Our Mission

To mobilize financial resources and provide services to communities and enable members invest through competent and professional human resources.

Developer's hub aims to:

To promote development activities among community and provide informal education programs for young people.

Leadership and Business development

Social welfare of members

To provide recreational and development activities for young people, such activities will include education, capacity building, charity events (supporting the less fortunate in the society) community service, awareness campaign and teamwork

Establishing a sustainable steady network with other stakeholders: the government, organized groups, Institutions and Individuals to help promote the value of human life.

To employ advisors, experts and other staff, upon such terms and conditions as the Group in consultation with the head office and donors, such persons as may be necessary for better conduct of the affairs and business of the Group and discharge of its objects.

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Since our inception, we have grown to be a family and passion keeps our bond even stronger

come join us on our next charity event!

Next Event

Fundraising For The People And
Causes You Care About!

our vast team are always on the lookout for what to help with in the community

Send baby Hellen to school

hellen is 16 years old, smart, talented and very enthusiastic about school and the promises of a bright future. help us keep her in school

Providing Sanitary pads

ever since we noticed a rise in poachers in mt elgon, my team has been heavily involved in trying to help us save these poor beasts

stop child marriages

our attention was drawn to the plight of young teenage girls living in budalangi who are going through a lot in their communities, topped by forced child marriages


Our Activities

What We Do

we impact change by helping people in need.

None of us chooses to be born in extreme poverty — including the nearly 400 million of the world’s children who live in the world’s poorest places, where they’re deprived of their basic rights and necessities, excluded from opportunity and vulnerable to harm.

400 million is an awfully big number, too big to tackle. No one person can save that many.

But what if you could help one child?

What if you could help one child save herself?

Through child sponsorship, you can.

these are our theme areas

Health and sanitation

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. The enjoyment of the highest attainable

Safe drinking Water

We teach how to build toilets that are safe, allow menstrual hygiene management and do not pollute the underground drinking water sources.


Education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its future. GPE supports lower-income countries to ensure that every child receives a

What our team and visiting volunteers say

sometimes the eyes from outside work better than those within

the day i signeed up for this project, i became alive and the spirit of giving keeps my heart beat and puts a smile on my face
Antony Muchuma
Jamaa wa Pale stage
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